Asia Pacific’s leading retail design and fitout agency.

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greater group is Asia Pacific’s leading retail design and fitout agency. We have been creating intelligent retail environments on a global scale for the past 30 years and our presence in the retail world is unwavering as we work with internationally pioneering brands to find and execute solutions for their unique business goals. 

With 5,000+ stores designed, 3,000+ stores built and 10,000+ retail displays and store-in-stores delivered, the past three decades have been a busy time for us – and we have no plans of slowing down any time soon.



End-To-End Retail Solutions


Design. Build. Engage. At greater group, we offer an end-to-end solution from strategy development and concept design to fixture procurement, construction and project management.

We walk a journey with our clients to create in-store experiences that engage shoppers through digital strategy and brand activation. We show how the physical store is buzzing with potential for building brand identity and driving sales even in the rising age of e-commerce.

The Value Of Retail Design

We know that retail is ever-changing and we understand the tremendous role it plays in our lives. Because it is such an integral part of our daily routines, the power of retail can easily go by unnoticed.

But retail is everywhere: in our food, clothes, transport, homes, working lives, education, health, finances and entertainment.

Every store, office or commercial space has a unique objective. A clothing, accessories or furniture store has to inspire by demonstrating how the products can add value to shoppers’ personal lives. An automotive showroom or tech store has to impress potential buyers by showing what these products are capable of. A doctor’s waiting room needs to put patients at ease while a bank or financial advisor’s office should communicate professionalism and reassure clients that they are making the right choices about their finances.

We understand the value of design in creating environments that fulfill these purposes. Our end-to-end services are tailored to each client to deliver the best possible outcomes for their needs and aspirations.

We stay up to date with emerging trends in all aspects of the retail industry to ensure we continue delivering relevant designs and stores that make an impact.

Award-Winning Retail Design Agency

 We have made a notch in our belt for almost every sphere of retail: automotive, banking, technology, work space, lifestyle, fashion, accessories, hospitality, medical – you name it. Our clients range from global enterprises to small businesses and local entrepreneurs, and each partnership is highly valued by us. We bring the same level of professionality, forward-thinking strategy and ‘big-picture’ vision to each project we take on.

To name a few, we have worked with New Balance, Prada, Google, Pandora, Samsung, Marvel Entertainment, JB Hi-Fi, Krispy Kream, CIMB, ANZ, Honda and Nissan, and we are continuing to build meaningful relationships with our clients as we commit to our mission to deliver intelligent, future-proof retail environments across the globe.

Our work has been recognised by internationally acclaimed awards bodies, receiving praise for the innovation and creativity showcased in the stores we design and build.

Global Design Group

145 staff ↔ 10 offices ↔ 6 time zones


As a multi-disciplinary, global agency, our team is distributed across Australia, Hong Kong, China, New Zealand, Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia. The greater group family is a well-oiled machine where every single team member brings their unique set of skills and expertise to the table, joining forces to create high-impact, high-return retail spaces that engage and inspire.

At greater group, we value innovation, creativity and bold vision. Reach out today to discuss how we can transform your business and elevate your brand in today’s ultra-competitive retail industry.